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🔥 Game Day Essentials

Get kitted out and show up ready to bang in a few screamers!

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📛 Footy Addicts City

From the pitch to the streets, our Footy Addicts City football shirts are the ultimate style statement for any baller.

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🙌 More than a game

Whether you're bantering with the players or smashing one top bins, you're repping Footy Addicts' mission to create happier and healthier communities, one game at a time.

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🥅 Life's a pitch

Score big on style and game day with our Life's a pitch football shirts - the ultimate choice for any baller looking to elevate their wardrobe and game.

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🔴 The City Circles

Whether you're a proud Londoner, a Mancunian at heart, or hail from any other footy-loving city, you can show off your love for both football and your hometown.

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Footy Addicts' ethos is built around three pillars

  • Accessibility

    Goals are what we live for. Our biggest goal is that wherever you are, you’ll be a click of a button away from playing a football match.

  • Social Integration

    We believe the beautiful game should go beyond the pitch and help enrich our diverse communities. We are proud to help facilitate the social integration for thousands of people; from those who’ve moved to a new city, to others who’ve decided to fall back in love with playing football.

  • Wellbeing

    To some, it may just look like a ball being kicked around a pitch. To us it’s so much more. It’s about connecting with people. Boosting self-confidence. A form of escapism. You’ll quickly find yourself feeling stronger physically and mentally. It’s win-win!