Top 5 pitches to play football in London

Top 5 pitches to play football in London

Want to play football in London?

We’ve spent years kicking the ball about with sweet, soft, green 4G surface under our astroturf shoes, trying desperately to show the world that we’re not painfully average at football. During that time, we’ve been able to determine what makes a truly amazing football venue. Quality of the pitch, type of goals, location, setting, quality of the players: a lot of parameters are to be taken into account when assessing how good we think a certain venue actually is. And you know what? We did it. And we put it into a top 5.

Top 5 pitches to play football in London

  • Chobham Academy
  • Market Road Football Pitches
  • Evelyn Grace Academy
  • Archbishops Park
  • Haggerston Park

5. Chobham Academy

🗺 40 Cheering Ln, East Village, London E20 1BD

A very underestimated quality of a pitch is the amount of space you have per player. Some of us like having a lot of it, we like to be able to drive the ball unopposed, to play long balls to your strikers and wingers, and generally have a fast paced game. Not only is the Chobham Academy pitch spacious, everything feels spacious. It doesn’t feel like the pitch has been cramped in the smallest amount of room available. Add to that a beautiful 3G surface, good players and just a small breeze of wind, and you have a perfect cocktail for a serene football experience.

Location: Stratford

Surface: 3G

Dimensions: 1/3 11-a-side pitch

Goal type: 7-a-side

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4. Market Road Football Pitches

🗺 Market Rd, London N7 9PL

To quite the direct opposite of Chobham Academy, Market Road doesn’t grace us with a ton of space, or a ton of time. You have to think quick, you have to play quick. It forces you to be a better player because you don’t have a choice. You receive the ball? Someone will be on you before anyone has the time to say “man on”. Market Road is a battle field. Scoring is hard, because you have to find a way through the tiny spaces. But it is equally rewarding. If you’re looking to improve your game, that’s where you want to be.

Location: Islington

Surface: 3G

Dimensions: 1/3 11-a-side pitch

Goal type: 7-a-side

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3. Evelyn Grace Academy

🗺 255 Shakespeare Rd, London SE24 0QN

If you like the idea of playing 11-a-side but aren’t actually quite fit enough to do so, you might find that the Brixton venue is a decent compromise. It looks like a full pitch, it feels like a full pitch, only shrunk to 8-a-side size. No more playing in cut up 11-a-side pitch. No more having to wait for the lads playing next to you to give the ball back. You can focus 100% on your game on one of the most gorgeous pitches in the capital. If you’re looking for a good week-end game, you might have met your match.

Location: Brixton

Surface: 3G

Dimensions: 53x32m

Goal type: 7-a-side

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2. Archbishops Park

🗺 Carlisle Ln, London SE1 7LE

Amazing 4G surface, quality draining system (never play on a soggy pitch again), all that in a walking distance of Westminster, Waterloo and North Lambeth stations. The view from the pitch is unique, with that perfect cross between the nature and the city. You could be having frozen yogurt by the Thames at 11 and be scoring bicycle kicks by 12. Sometimes, a beautiful pitch in a convenient location is all anyone really needs.

Location: Waterloo

Surface: 4G

Dimensions: 1/2 a 9-a-side pitch

Goal type: 7-a-side

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1. Haggerston Park

🗺 Yorkton St, London E2 8NH

One of the most popular venues on the Footy Addicts platform, and with good reason. The pitch is pristine, it’s close to central London, the goals are bigger than usual and will be perfect for your top bin curved balls attempts. But that’s not all. The players are good, there’s a real community feel and the nice, wide pitch will make you (yes even you) feel like Andres Iniesta. Truly, Haggerston Park has it all. If you’ve never been, it’s time to give it a try.

Location: Hoxton

Surface: 4G

Dimensions: 1/2 an 11-a-side pitch

Goal type: 7-a-side

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Ready to play football in London?

All in all, we all have different preferences in what we think make a good pitch for a solid recreational football experience. But those 5 pitches all have something in common: they deserve to be tried out, no matter what you’re looking for. Also, you’ll always have 7 or 8 teammates and no cages which make them great place to socialize around a game of footy. You’ll always find something in them that you like. We guarantee it.

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